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Government Action Plan: Open Source, re-use, etc.

Just the other day, the UK Government published a new paper entitled “Open Source, Open Standards and Re–Use: Government Action Plan” (amusingly, they’re also tracking the tag #ukgovOSS to get responses – so there we go!). I’ve had experience with the previous consultations: the various versions of the “open source policy” which, at best, were statements of non-discrimination and said very little positive, and the various explorations into default routes for exploitation which as far as I can tell resulted in very little.

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Daily Hatemail spills Stig beans

The awful News of the World managed to shut up about it, although they did give it away to anyone with half an eye, but the Daily Mail can’t – they’ve felt it necessary to spoil the worst-kept secret in TV and name Ben Collins as “The Stig”. Personally, I hope they keep Collins. I don’t think anyone actually cares who the Stig is; except newspapers it seems.

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An overview of Christmas

So, Christmas is now over for another year pretty much – and it has been good fun, albeit interspersed with slight bouts of snottiness. Amongst some of the very lovely gifts I was given, I have a really nice selection of books that I need to make time for: The Art Of The Start, by Guy Kawasaki – very little to say about this one since it is so well-known, but I’ve been meaning to read the full thing since I was given a precis of the first chapter by a friend.

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