Apologies, but I couldn’t help but comment on this.

  1. I don’t believe it’s broadcast delay. There is a delay there, but it’s of the order of seconds. His waffle at the end is about the same length. I don’t see what difference it would make – it could make the switch happen earlier (e.g., at 1:40 on the video above) but I don’t see any gain. With people analysing the video, it doesn’t really matter where it happens.
  2. I don’t believe it’s split video. That’s horribly difficult to get right, I’m not sure anyone proposing it has actually tried it – particularly since they also broadcast this thing in HD. It’s also not very Derren Brown.
  3. I don’t believe it’s a 55k take split. There’s no visible edit split – and there would have to be one, somewhere – and he knew he got all six at the end. The stuff Derren was saying about “sorry if I only get five right” – eh. This idea is plain nonsense.
  4. I don’t believe it’s eInk etc. Not very Derren Brown. It’s certainly not projection or quickly stuck on numbers, either.
  5. I don’t believe there is a hidden wall. The balls cast a shadow on Derren; if it’s a wall it’s exceptional.
  6. I don’t believe there is anything dodgy about the stand. Looks like perspex to me, and the ball’s labels are pointed up and out.
  7. I don’t believe the “last ball moved a bit” stuff. The last number out was the 2; which is actually the ball on the far right when they’re turned. If the balls had been replaced, the 2 would be the last in / labelled, so the ball on the far left as it’s turned around should be the one raised…
  8. I don’t believe he predicted anything, or used statistics, or that the balls in the lottery were influenced.
  9. I don’t believe he palmed the balls. Not enough time, not physically possible.
  10. I don’t believe he’s holding anything in front of the balls. The labels are on the surface of the balls.
  11. Finally, I don’t believe he’s actually going to give us any insight into how this trick was performed. The fact that people are hanging on the little ball moving or the video thing – clutching at straws. This was a good trick

However.. what I would say…

  1. I’m interested to know why the TV got turned off. It was moving out of shot, and presumably they could have had set runner turn it off / down off camera. That makes me think they really couldn’t stick on the show longer than the ball announcement.
  2. There is a gap between the numbers being announced and turning around the balls. This gap must be necessary; the writing down of the numbers and stuff didn’t have to happen.
  3. The ball holder has sloped-back sides. The front and back of the box are shallow and don’t raise high, but the sides raise up – there’s no need for that; he only needs a box. The slopes match roughly where the labels on the balls are located. Was something attached to the front of them somehow? Looking in between the balls, it could be a line of tape going across the front (particularly between 35 and 39 at about 2:25) – equally though, it could be compression bleed. Not convinced it would give the 3D effect required either.
  4. Are they even balls? We know that looking at the inside of a sphere and the outside is very similar – indeed, everyone’s seen those masks at the fair which seem to follow you around. I suspect they probably are balls, though.

Personally, I’m going for tape over the balls, palmed over it somehow. The sides of the holder and the apparent grey between the balls. I doubt we’ll know for sure tho.